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Three Factors Kansas City Buyers Must Consider When Customizing Diamond Rings

James Eskew - Thursday, October 01, 2015

A diamond ring can be a symbol of love, hope and happiness. It can represent a couple’s future and stand as a testament to enduring love. This means the diamond rings Kansas City couples choose should be uniquely personal. They should be designed and crafted specifically for the couple and for the couple’s celebration of marriage. To craft a unique piece, Kansas couples must consider the diamond ring customization process. And so within this article the team at respected Kansas City jewelers, Eskew’s Fine Jewelers highlight three factors to consider when customizing diamond rings.

1. Durability

The customization process can add significant elegance to even the most basic of diamond rings, but the material is also a critical consideration. Aesthetics will impress family members and friends, but it’s the durability will help ensure the piece looks its peak best over a lifetime. To assess the various metals, for example comparing gold rings with platinum rings, it’s important to speak with the manufacturer directly. Only they can provide guarantees and specific data on the ring’s quality.

2.  Setting

The setting is the foundation to the diamond ring. It’s the element that will decide whether the ring offers the optimal visual appeal and clarity on the wearer’s hand. But most buyers of diamond rings across Kansas City have little understanding on how to select a setting. Prong settings are the most popular, and most prong settings feature either four or six prongs. Four-prong settings allow wearers to show more of the diamond, whereas six-prong settings add the structural security for active use. There are also setting styles such as the Tiffany setting and the bezel setting. The bezel setting encircles the stone rather than holding it in place from its base, whereas the Tiffany setting features six prongs and a knife edge shaft design for streamlined appeal.

3. Cost

It’s important to consider the full cost at each stage of the ring customization process. While budgetary considerations aren’t the first stage in the process for most buyers, they will likely play a part in the decision that buyers eventually make. In customizing a diamond ring, elements such as new stones and additional design pieces can add a significant amount to the final cost of the finished product. Simple, classical designs might be ideal for those with budgetary limits. Ring maintenance is also important to consider – does the company offer full and free maintenance for the ring? This can help reduce the long term costs of ring ownership.

To learn more on the factors to consider during the ring customization process, speak with the experts at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers directly today at 1 816-478-8883or visit their business website at

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