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The Changing Styles of Wedding Rings for 2016

James Eskew - Thursday, January 14, 2016

With thousands of shoppers now entering the marketplace and trying to find that perfect wedding ring to give to their partner, it’s the ideal time to explore the industry and the trends taking place within it. In 2016, the wedding ring design field is expected to evolve significantly and within this latest article the team at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers highlight the changing styles of wedding rings for 2016.

Floral Designs

In 2016, the marketplace is expected to be inundated with pieces reflecting a floral motif. Flower jewelry has long been a favorite of those picking out necklaces and charms and this trend is expected to be extended to wedding rings in 2016. Modern and yet refined floral patterns are set to dominate the marketplace.

Colored Center Stones

While white diamonds are a clear favorite of wedding ring buyers around the world, the colored stone is making a comeback. Colored stones such as sapphires and garnets are growing in popularity as wedding ring buyers seek a product that combines unique style with modern appeal. When entering the marketplace for their own ring needs, buyers must confirm the quality of the colored stone with their chosen company.

Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are the trend at red carpet events across the country. In 2016, this trend is expected to move into the retail jewelry marketplace as buyers look to replicate the products worn by their favorite celebrities. These ring collections can include as many as four individual wedding rings stacked atop one another, to offer an eye-catching appeal.

Mixed Metal Designs

Until recently, wedding rings were available in simple white gold or yellow gold options, with various diamond patterning. But now, designers are becoming more flexible in how they craft their pieces. Buyers in 2016 can look forward to mixed metal products that may include a combination such as a white gold shank with a yellow gold setting border.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Circular rings are the classic style of choice for the majority of wedding ring buyers, but buyers seeking an alternative option might review the pear-shaped diamonds available around the country. Pear-shaped products also often complement other jewelry, presenting a seamless style that will impress all guests at upcoming social occasions.

Split Shanks

Split shanks are an interesting design choice for the buyer seeking a delicate yet powerful option. These pieces give the designer a larger space in which to customize the product, offering wearers the ability to create a piece that is unique and memorable.

By examining the upcoming trends for 2016, wedding ring buyers can make that perfect choice for their shopping needs. To learn more, simply contact the team at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers directly at 816-478-8883or visit their business website at

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