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Kansas City-based Eskew’s Fine Jewelers Highlight 5 Questions to Ask before Buying Jewelry

James Eskew - Thursday, October 29, 2015

When buying jewelry for an upcoming occasion, whether it’s a birthday or a Christmas present, it’s important to consider the process carefully. There are many elements to consider and buyers should have questions lined up before they visit their local jewelry store. In this article, the team at Kansas City based Eskew’s Fine Jewelers highlight five questions to ask before buying jewelry.

1. What are the Maintenance Requirements?

Before buying any new piece, it’s important to consider the maintenance requirements for the product. How much time will it take out of the daily schedule to maintain the stone and secure the setting in the coming years? This is an important topic to bring up with Kansas City jewelers.

2. What is the Warranty for the Product?

Most jewelry products come with some form of warranty. But these warranties can vary considerably from company-to-company. It’s important that buyers consider how long the warranty lasts for their piece. It’s also critical to review what items are considered within the warranty. For example, is cleaning included? Does the warranty include breakages due to user error?

3. Are Both Partners Included in the Engagement Ring Buying Process?

This is a question that couples should ask themselves during the ring buying process.  Oftentimes, a person might buy a ring for their wife without the wife knowing about the purchase. But this can lead to issues with style and sizing when the ring is worn. Buyers should try to find out as much information as possible about their wife’s jewelry tastes 

and their sizing before they review the marketplace and buy a product. This can help mitigate losses due to picking the wrong product.

4. What are the Financing Options?

Couples must consider the financing options when spending thousands of dollars on an engagement ring. Most don’t have the level of financial resources available at the start of their lives with their loved one and so they must work with the jewelry company to come to a financing arrangement. When entering this type of agreement, it’s imperative that all elements of the contract are assessed carefully. Try to get a specialist’s opinion where possible to avoid significant financial penalties.

5. What are the Customization Options?

Some of the leading jewelers across Kansas City now offer customization options for their pieces. This means buyers can select their ideal basic ring and then add to the piece to create a product that matches their tastes with precision.

These questions can help jewelry buyers find their ideal product with precision as we enter the holiday shopping period. To learn more, contact the team at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers directly at 816-478-8883, or visit their business website at

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