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How to Choose a Warranty When Buying Wedding Bands in Kansas City

Greg Stollsteimer - Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When making that final selection of a wedding band, many shoppers find that they’re so exhausted by the shopping process that they’ll only momentarily look over the warranty papers. This can be a crucial mistake to make when making an expensive purchase. And so it’s important for Kansas City shoppers to understand how to select a warranty for their wedding bands, and how they can save money during this process. In this latest article, the experts at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers will highlight how to choose a warranty when buying wedding bands in Kansas City.

Consider the Length of the Warranty

All being well, most buyers of wedding bands in Kansas City will want their wedding bands to last a lifetime. This means that the warranty offered by the jewelry company must be comprehensive and long-lasting. It’s important that the warranty lasts at least three years from the purchase date. By that point, any structural defects in the product will have been seen and rectified and any potential issues with the color or clarity of the material will have been seen and addressed, also. For those who find a product that doesn’t have at least a three-year warranty, it’s important to consider the potential value of the wedding band and the need to have that particular product.

Consider the Wearer’s Lifestyle

Will the wearer be active when wearing the wedding band? Will they be participating in sports and possibly be at-risk of breaking the product over a short period of time? These are critical questions to consider as part of the wedding band buying process. By answering these questions, buyers can ensure they select a warranty that covers them in case of structural damage to the product in a short period of time. For active wedding band wearers, the warranty should cover potential repairs at no cost to the buyer. This will help buyers save on repair costs significantly over their lifetime use of the wedding band.

Speak to the Specialists Early and Often

Establishing a firm line of communication with the jewelry company is important in ensuring buyers achieve value for money from their wedding bands over the long term. Early in the purchase process, try to speak with the company about their warranty options, what those options cover and whether the warranty can be customized. This will help ensure a greater understanding of coverage levels and can help buyers mitigate problems related to misinformation on their warranties.

By learning more on their warranty options ahead of the purchase process, Kansas City buyers can select the requisite wedding bands for their long-term needs. To learn more, speak with the experts at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers directly today at 816-478-8883 or visit their business website at

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