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Eskew’s Fine Jewelers Inviting Clients to Explore Customized Wedding Rings for 2016

James Eskew - Sunday, January 24, 2016

Independence, MO-based developers of refined jewelry, Eskew’s Fine Jewelers are now inviting shoppers to explore the company’s wedding ring customization options for 2016. Eskew’s experts will use the Stuller Countersketch Studio to create customized wedding rings that reflect the buyer’s unique design tastes.

Purchasing wedding rings from a local shopping mall can be an exhausting experience. First, shoppers must make their way through the crowds to the jeweler, only to find a selection that limits their options. Most jewelry brands can only offer shoppers a similar run-of-the-mill ring for their special occasion. But today’s shopper is searching for something different. They want to present their loved ones with unique wedding rings that have been customized specifically for the wearer and their tastes. The team at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers are now offering a complete customization service.

By harnessing the Stuller Countersketch Studio, the Eskew’s Fine Jewelers team can add to and take away elements from a full array of template designs. This means the buyer can take control of the design process alongside one of the company experts. Buyers will find their design options increase significantly through the Eskew’s Fine Jewelers service, and each step forward can ensure that ideal piece is within reach.

To discover more on the wedding ring customization service offered through Eskew’s Fine Jewelers, please contact their office team directly at 816-478-8883or visit their business website at

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