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An Overview of 4 Unique Styles of Wedding Bands for Kansas City Shoppers

James Eskew - Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Most wedding band buyers don’t have a significant amount of market experience. They haven’t spent years researching the market and rarely have the time to learn more on the options available. It’s the reason it’s so important to work with a trusted specialist who can help outline the various styles currently available throughout the country. In this article, the experts at Kansas City based Eskew’s Fine Jewelers will highlight the four leading styles of wedding bands.

Metal Bands

Metal bands are the classical choice for those who wish to have a traditional wedding band. The classic metal band product doesn’t contain gem stones and is usually constructed from either platinum or white or yellow gold. Platinum is the most popular choice because of its material durability, which means it develops a patina over time that ages the piece exceptionally well, thereby offering resounding appeal for generations.

Eternity Band

Symbolizing the eternal union of two people, eternity bands usually consist of a ring featuring two identically sized diamonds that surround the piece. Eternity bands are usually available in two specific styles – prong setting or channel setting. Prong setting options feature two stones that sit alongside one another, while exposing the diamond from the top and sides, to provide additional sparkle. A channel setting consists of diamonds laying side-by-side within a metal channel. The great benefit of eternity bands is they can be set a number of ways using a range of diamonds.

Comfort Fit

Many styles of wedding band are available in comfort-fit design, which is ideal for those wearers who will be playing sports while wearing their band. Comfort-fit bands tend to be the choice of many men because they can more easily squeeze over large fingers and knuckles for additional wearing security.

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Kansas City buyers who are seeking a higher level of wedding band durability, for example those working in construction fields and other jobs in which they will be using their bands, may prefer tungsten wedding bands. These pieces offer a higher level of durability over the average piece, but can still be refined to offer elegant appeal on the wearer’s hand.

Speak to Specialists to Find the Ideal Design

With so many options available, Kansas City buyers will only find their perfect wedding bands by speaking directly to jewelers with experience in the marketplace. The experts at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers can help make the selection process far more seamless and cost-effective than other organizations. To learn more on the products available through the company, contact their office team directly at 816-478-8883 or visit their business website directly at

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