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8 Popular Trends in Wedding Rings

James Eskew - Friday, December 18, 2015

The purchase of a wedding ring can be a long process that requires the input of both members of the couple. It takes time to pick out the ideal product for that perfect person but for those searching for high quality wedding rings, keeping an eye on the popular trends can offer some guidance within the process. In this post, we’ll review eight popular trends in wedding rings.

1. Floral Accents

Wedding rings are now being designed with bright floral accents that surround the diamond. These accents bring a sense of color and individuality to the rings and can help the wearer stand out from the crowd.

2. Colorful Diamonds

For those seeking a non-traditional alternative to the classic diamond ring, colorful diamonds could offer the perfect option. Diamonds are now being produced in all colors and sizes to suit discerning tastes. And buyers should be able to find a design and color that matches their unique style.

3. Square Bands

Some ring buyers are now looking for something a little different to the round banded ring style. The square band is one of the latest and most popular options for those who wish to combine comfort and style with a ring that captures the imagination and assures sleek appeal.

4. Elegant Side Designs

The sides of the ring were once an area considered unimportant to the overall aesthetic power of the piece. But now ring buyers are seeking out pieces that have elegant designs across the sides. These areas can be used for intricate patterns to add significant prestige to any ring.

5. Split Shanks

Split shank diamond ring designs feature two separate bands of diamonds that curve around the exterior of the piece. This gives the ring a more refined appeal and is designed to offer a modern-looking piece that blends classical and contemporary styles.

6. Halo Designs

Halo designs feature one large diamond surrounded by smaller circular diamonds. The piece is designed to make the diamond in the middle appear larger in comparison, and is a great option for showcasing that high class diamond product.

7. Engraved Rings

While a diamond ring is a precious product, there’s little harm in personalizing it for an individual loved one. Engraved rings are now becoming immensely popular in the marketplace as buyers seek a way of adding their unique touch to the piece.

8. Three-Stone Settings

Also known as trinity rings, three-stone settings are a classic-looking design option that has been updated for the modern ring wearer. The three diamonds are said to represent the past, the present, and the future.

By understanding their design options, and by working alongside trusted professionals to review the marketplace, ring buyers can locate that one-of-a-kind piece. To discuss the latest styles with an industry expert, contact the team at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers directly at 816-478-8883, or visit their business website via

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