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5 Questions Kansas City Shoppers Must ask When Buying Wedding Bands

James Eskew - Thursday, September 24, 2015

The wedding bands a couple buys should signify the love they share with one another. But many couples place the process behind buying that ideal diamond engagement ring. Buying wedding bands can become an afterthought amidst the wedding celebration, but it’s important to give these pieces their due consideration before making a selection. Within this article, the team at Kansas City-based Eskew’s Fine Jewelers highlights five questions shoppers must ask before buying wedding bands.

1. Do We Want Our Bands to Match?

A couple must consider whether they want their wedding bands to match. Matching wedding bands might look great at first, but then it’s important to review whether either person actually receives the wedding band they want. Oftentimes, buying matching wedding bands means Kansas City couples must each compromise on their design and style requirements.

2. What Is Our Budget?

Wedding bands can quickly become an expensive proposition for those who are already spending thousands on their wedding and engagement rings. This means it’s important to consider the cost of wedding bands while drawing up the budget for the entire wedding process. By speaking directly with jewelry sellers, buyers can gain an understanding on how much their ideal wedding bands would cost.

3. What are the Maintenance Requirements?

Most wedding band wearers don’t have the time to continually ensure their piece is maintained and so it’s important to consider all maintenance requirements before entering into the purchase process. How much work does the piece require on an annual basis? Is this work covered within the warranty agreement? Who will complete the maintenance work? These are all important considerations.

4. Do We Want Customized Wedding Bands?

With the latest design technology at the disposal of most Kansas City jewelry sellers, wedding bands can now be customized to offer couples unique appeal. But custom wedding bands must be carefully considered. The customization process adds value but also cost to the entire purchase. This process can also go awry when the couple chooses an inexperienced wedding band designer. So it’s imperative the company chosen for the customization has the experience and the proven ability to expertly finish the ideal piece.

5. Do we Require More than One Wedding Band Each?

A new trend sees couples choosing more than one wedding band each. This trend is largely the result of more couples participating in outdoor adventure activities together, and means they might choose one wedding band for special occasions and one more affordable, and more replaceable band for everyday wear. For those who participate in sports, and adventurous activities, a secondary band should be carefully considered.

Choosing that perfect wedding band doesn’t have to be complicated. Buyers can now work with trusted experts such as Eskew’s Fine Jewelers in finding their perfect piece. To learn more, contact the Eskew’s Fine Jewelers team directly at 1 816-478-8883or visit their business website at

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