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5 Keys to Choosing High Quality Wedding Bands for Kansas City Shoppers

James Eskew - Thursday, September 10, 2015

Buying wedding bands can be an experience that brings Kansas City couples together. It can be a time in their lives in which they learn more about one another, and their own personal tastes in jewelry. It’s important that couples enter into this process understanding precisely what they require from a quality wedding band. Within this latest article, the trusted team at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers highlights the five keys to analyzing the quality of wedding bands.


1. Remember There’s No Rule on Matching Wedding Bands

One of the most common problems couples encounter when shopping for wedding bands is that they believe their wedding bands must match. Many Kansas City couples have bought wedding bands that don’t match, and instead reflect their own personal style. It’s important for each individual to select a product that they feel comfortable wearing, and so matching wedding bands should be a lesser consideration when beginning the search.

2.Set a Clear Budget

The budget for a couple’s wedding bands can often be a sticking point in the purchase process. With a big wedding occasion on the horizon, couples should try to consolidate the cost of their wedding bands as much as possible. This involves setting and sticking to a clear budget. Both the bride and groom should have input in the budget setting process and discuss whether there should be any flexibility for a product that is slightly out of the original price range.

3. Think Long-Term for Jewelry Choices

A wedding band might look great now, but how will it appear in 15 years’ time? And what is the cost of maintaining the product over the years? These are critical considerations when buying any piece of jewelry. When reviewing the wedding bands at their local Kansas City jewelry store, shoppers should speak with the business associate about the durability of the product and the warranties the company offers. By being proactive and asking questions at this point in their shopping process, shoppers can save time and money over many years.

4. Learn about Sizing

The sizing of a wedding band will help shoppers create a product that fits comfortably on their hand. This process requires the assistance of expertise in the field of jewelry sizing. Shoppers should work with the specialist to understand the optimal size and fit for their hand. They should also consider the activities they will be completing when wearing the product, such as sports and work.

5. Analyze Options from Several Companies

Shoppers don’t always find that perfect product in the first store they visit. Finding perfection takes time. Speak with numerous experts for making that investment in a quality wedding band product.

By following the guidelines in this article, Kansas City shoppers can find wedding bands that are the perfect match for their long-term requirements. To discuss this process with an expert, contact Eskew’s Fine Jewelers directly at 816-478-8883, or visit their business website directly via

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