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4 Tips for Reducing Costs When Buying Wedding Bands

James Eskew - Monday, January 04, 2016

When shopping for wedding bands, couples can often find that their budget is quickly consumed by the prices of the latest products. But wedding jewelry doesn’t have to be exceptionally expensive to be perfect for the individual. The experts at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers have many years’ experience within the jewelry marketplace and within this latest post they highlight their three leading tips for reducing the cost of wedding bands.

Choose Products that Use Less Metal

Generally, the more metal within wedding bands, the more expensive the product. A 4 millimeter wedding band costs twice as much as a 2 millimeter wedding band and yet the actual quality of the product is likely to be similar. This means it’s important for buyers to carefully consider the amount of metal within the products they purchase. They may find they can significantly reduce their expenditure by simply choosing a thinner product.

Consider Metal Choice Carefully

Going for trendy products over traditional bands doesn’t always represent a value for money investment. Ring buyers can reduce their costs by choosing a traditional metal ring made from gold or titanium rather than a product made from platinum. However, buyers must recognize that gold quality varies considerably depending on the supplier. 10 karat gold wedding bands are usually the ideal choice for men, for example, because they contained less fragile gold overall, helping improve the structural quality of the piece while ensuring it retains its aesthetic appeal.

Always Have the Band Sized Well Ahead of the Wedding

Most wedding band sellers will offer free sizing to those purchasing products from the company. And so buyers should capitalize on this process by having the ring sized immediately during the purchase stage. Having to wait until later could mean that the wedding band isn’t ready in time for the wedding. It might also mean that the buyer has to spend extra money having the ring resized at a later date, leading to an additional expense they might not be able to afford after paying for their wedding and the related wedding activities.

Bridal Sets Often Offer Significant Savings

Many of the leading wedding ring manufacturers are now offering their products in sets. These sets are usually more cost effective than purchasing the individual pieces separately, and can help buyers save money on their engagement rings as well as their wedding bands. In addition, the sets will be designed so that the rings and the bands are perfectly matched, offering seamless resonance on the wearer’s hand.

There are many techniques buyers can now use to find that perfect piece on a budget. To learn more on saving when shopping for wedding bands, contact the team at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers directly at816-478-8883 or visit their business website at

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