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4 Tips for Maintaining Wedding Bands

James Eskew - Friday, December 18, 2015

Wedding bands are a symbol of unity between two people. They represent enduring love and devotion and so it’s important that the pieces themselves retain their appeal over many years. Few wedding band buyers have a comprehensive understanding on the maintenance process for their products. And so within this article, the trusted experts at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers highlight their four tips for maintaining wedding bands.

1. Don’t Mix the Wedding Band with other Pieces

The wedding band’s appeal can be retained by ensuring it doesn’t come into contact with other pieces of jewelry. It’s important to separate the wedding band from other products to ensure the material doesn’t get scratched or dented. Keeping the wedding band separate from other pieces also helps ensure it doesn’t get lost. Homeowners should try to keep the band in the same location within their property to make sure it’s easy to find when they’re getting ready for a social occasion.

2. Take the Wedding Band Off When Working with Hands

When a person is working with their hands around the home, whether it’s completing a painting project or mopping the floors of the house, they’re more likely to damage their jewelry. It’s important to consider the impact that work around the home can have on wedding bands. Wedding band owners should try to remove the item each time they’re about to begin work and ensure they place it in a safe location.

3. Have the Piece Professionally Cleaned

It’s not always simple to clean wedding bands at home with retail cleaning supplies. Sometimes jewelry owners require the assistance of professionals to keep their bands looking their peak best. Owners should try to take their pieces to be cleaned at least once every few years to ensure that dust and other natural elements don’t impact the material. Jewelry experts can use the latest machinery to remove contaminants from the piece and help protect the material for many years to come.

4. Examine the Piece Regularly

One of the reasons for wedding bands falling into disrepair is when the wearer fails to notice subtle changes within the piece. The color of the wedding band might have changed slightly or the material might be chipping in some areas. These are both important signs that the band is becoming degraded over time and requires repair. It’s critical for wearers to examine their wedding band on a regular basis to determine whether official repair work is required.

By understanding the maintenance process for protecting their wedding bands, wearers across the region can ensure their pieces retain their appeal over many years. To discover more on the wedding band maintenance process, speak with the trusted team at Eskew’s Fine Jewelers directly at 816-478-8883 or visit their business website at

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