Eskew Jewelers Offers Comprehensive Diamond Jewelry Maintenance Program


Independence, MO-based jewelry experts, Eskew Jewelers are now offering clients a repair service that will help them maintain those timeless diamond jewelry pieces. The company’s expert technicians can offer a broad range of maintenance services, including cleaning, solder and stone polishing. Clients can also visit either of the company’s Independence or Lee’s Summit locations for quality repair services such as resizing and tip, shank or prong replacement work.

Many families have at least one jewelry piece that has been in their possession for generations. Often kept locked away in a box, these pieces can become worn over time due to various chemical processes. Sometimes pieces lose their natural shine and in some cases they chip or crack after being kept in poor conditions. In order to help ensure that family heirlooms regain that lost allure and timeless elegance, clients across Independence, Lee’s Summit and Kansas City are now turning to Eskew Jewelers for expert level repair services.

Each element of Eskew Jewelers’ repair services is designed to assure quality repair work completed within a reasonable timeframe.  And their stone polishing services will help return those older pieces to their classic beauty. They also offer expert services such as ring, bracelet and necklace sizing for clients who’re in the middle of that important jewelry purchase.

Begin reviewing the Eskew Jewelers diamond jewelry repair services today by contacting the company directly or visiting their business website at