Discover a Full Array of Necklaces and Pendants through Eskew’s Fine Jewelers


Independence and Lees Summit, MO-based jewelry retailer, Eskew’s Fine Jewelers is now offering a comprehensive range of exceptional necklaces and pedants. The company’s unique selection of jewelry is further enhanced by their ability to create custom pieces that are built exclusively for their client’s.

A stunning jewelry piece enhances the aesthetic appeal of any evening outfit.  But when searching through the selections available at the modern jewelry retailer, many buyers often find that there is a limited variety of products available. That’s because the majority of companies across Lees Summit, Independence and Kansas City, MO purchase their products as-is from a manufacturer. Few firms provide expert pendant and necklace design services that assure a transcendent and unique appeal with each piece created. But now, jewelry shoppers can turn to Eskew’s Fine Jewelers for selections that have been hand-crafted for their requirements.

Eskew’s Fine Jewelers has integrated the Stuller Countersketch Studio within working processes. This means that their in-house team is able to accelerate the jewelry design process and allow buyers to take a hands-on role in the creation of pendants and necklaces that will impress all onlookers. Shoppers will select their starting piece within the system and then harness the available options to add and subtract elements as they go. It’s simple, efficient and reduces the frustrations of the traditional jewelry search. It’s an innovative creation process designed for the shopper to be in control of their buying experience.

To learn more about the full selection of items now available through Eskew’s Fine Jewelers, please contact the company directly today or visit their business website at